libcognizanceAbout Blog, Lib-cognizance is all about new trends and technologies which help in redefining the role of libraries and information centers. Its aim is to make the concerned people aware of the recent developments, trends, and cutting-edge technologies that continuously leading to change the whole picture of the library and information world.

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Super Library Marketing

About Blog All kinds of marketing ideas for all kinds of libraries.  


The Distant Librarian

About Blog  A blog about a librarian. 



Disruptive Library Technology Jester

About Blog The Disruptive Library Technology Jester (DLTJ) blog is all about exploring the expanse between those two points, with a tendency towards the disruptive (but not destructive) side of the spectrum. At times, ideas and concepts are offered as straw-men — to be ripped apart and dismissed as fantasy or a hoax. Other times, the ideas and concepts are fundamental to the author’s perception of the order of the universe — and to dispute them is tantamount to questioning the author’s grasp on reality! But, as you might expect from someone playing the role of the court jester, it is up to you to figure out the meaning behind the words.




Librarian to Librarian

About Blog  Brodart's librarians are eager to share their passion and knowledge for library-related issues, current topics, and book reviews to spark new ideas and offer fresh insight on library themes large and small.



Princh Library Blog

About Blog  Check out  weekly posts on the Princh Library Blog to read about interesting bits from the library world.