प्राविधिक शिक्षा विभाग, उ0प्र0 - परीक्षा 2021

Examination Scheme for the Post of Librarian (87 posts)



(Paper-I) 100 Question each have 03 Marks

Unit 1- Library and Information Society :

  • Information, Information Science, Information Society.
  • Information as a Resource/Commodity.
  • Information Transfer Cycle-Generation , Collection, Storage and Dissemination.
  • Role of Information in Planning, Management, Socio-economic Development, Technology Transfer.
  • Communication- Channels, Barriers.
  • Intellectual Property Rights —Concept, Copyright, Censorship-Print and Non/Print Media.
  • Library and Information Policy at the National Level.

Unit2- Library and Information Management:

  • Management-Principles, Functions, Schools of Thought.
  • Planning, Organisation, Structure.
  • Decision Making.
  • System Study-Analysis, Evaluation and Design.
  • Collection Development-Books, Serials, Non-Book Materials Selection, Acquisition, Maintenance.
  • Human Resource Management — Manpower Planning, Job Analysis, Job Description, Selection, Recruitment, Staff
  • Total Quality Management.
  • Marketing of Information Products and Services.
  • Library Buildings, Equipments.

Unit 3- Knowledge Organisation :

  • Organisation of Knowledge/Information.
  • Modes of Formation of Subjects.
  • Library Classification-Cannons and Principles.
  • Library Classification Schemes-DDC, UDC and CC.
  • Library Cataloguing-Canons and Principles.
  • Library Cataloguing Codes-CCC and AACR II
  • Indexing-Pre-Coordinate, Post-Coordinate.
  • Databases-Search Strategies, Boolean Operators.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Unit 4- Professional Aspects of Library and Information Science :

    • Historical Development of Libraries in India.
    • Committees and Commissions of Libraries in India.
    • Library Legislation and Library Acts in Indian States.
    • Laws of Library Science.
    • Professional Associations-Local, National and International.
    • Role of agencies such as UGC, RRRL F and UNESCO in the promotion and development of Libraries in India.
    • Library and Information Science Education-Problems and Prospects in India.
    • Public Relations and Extension Activities for Library and Information Professionals.

    Unit 5- Information Sources :

    • Information Sources-Nature, Characteristics, Types and
    • Sources of Information-Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary, Documentary and Non-Documentary.
    • Reference Sources-Bibliographical, Biographical, Educational, Language, Geographical and Current.
    • Electronic Information Resources-Subject Gateways, Web Portals, Bulletin Boards, Discussion Forums.
    • Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Etc.
    • Databases-Bibliographic, Numeric, Full Text, Multimedia; Open Access Databases, Etc.
    • Institutional and Human Resources.